Lyn Beer


Before you believe anything I might have to say in this blog, you might want to know who I am, how I got to this blog and if I know anything at all. So let me introduce myself. I’m Lyn Beer—great last name, right? Kitchens, kitchen products, food, design and color have always been a part of who I am.

As a little girl I was lucky enough to have a wonderful grandpa who introduced me to fine cuisine. At six months old, in a highchair, I was feeding myself cottage cheese (one of my favorite foods then and now) when my grandpa came for a visit. He thought it best to enlarge my world view and so plopped some caviar down on the tray. Ever since I have loved caviar the way I love cottage cheese—I can eat both right out of the container if no one is watching. My mother, an imaginative and good cook, introduced me to all kinds of foods. I was never one to refuse food, not even chocolate-covered insects which my brother thought would be fun to watch me eat. (Younger brothers can be so wicked, can’t they?) By the age of three I was making my own yeast-dough creations which my mother baked and I ate. By the age of twelve I was making family meals, including another favorite of mine, oxtail stew.

Another crucial detail: I’m 5′ 0″ tall. With a love of food and food preparation, I’ve always found kitchen counters too high for me. I didn’t think much of this fact until college, in the Department of Home Economics. There was no such thing as kitchen design as a discipline back then but we were offered one class along that line, Kitchen Planning and Space Utilization, my all-time favorite class. One of our assignments was to plan a kitchen. It was thrilling to find the right products, put everything in the correct spot in the kitchen and create a work area that was the right height for myself. It took me a few years to circle back to kitchen design. In 1990 I started as an apprentice, then got a position in a local multi-branch store. In 1992 I started my own kitchen design business. I became a Certified Kitchen Designer through the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Since then I’ve been privileged to have worked with a roster of the finest clients that anyone could. The kitchens have ranged from the one for my short self to one that was raised for folks who are both 6′ 0″, from contemporary to Old World, from light to dark, and from cost-conscious to over-the-top. And when, today, I look at the project that I did for that course way back in college, I see real potential. How amusing! (By the way, home ec rocks!)

I’ve always believed that some things are just part of the “who we are” package. One can take a class to learn things like color and design but it takes an innate knack to really possess knowledge and skill in a field. As you get to know me, you’ll discover that I’ve always paid attention to and taken cues from colors (remember Crayola’s 64-crayon box?), designs, kitchen products and food. My grandmother’s hand-turned ice cream maker still stands out in my mind’s eye. These details matter to me. As a mom, wife and friend, I have lived, worked and shared a lot in the kitchens I’ve had. So I invite you to join me so we can explore more of the world of kitchens with you.