Small Space, Big Vision

See how smart design used every inch of this small space to create a spacious kitchen.

Farmhouse to Kitchen

See how this 18th-century farmhouse challenged our team in a custom kitchen design.

Barn Door Kitchen

This entire kitchen was designed around an old barn door that turned into a table.

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Tasting Brittany

Posted by Lyn on 8/13/2015 in Food & Drink

Brittany is to France as New Orleans is to the USA. Part of, yet really different, from the rest of the country, New Orleans is French and Creole while Brittany is Celtic. Both are gastronomic centers unto themselves.

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In the Kitchen With a Two-Starred Michelin Chef

Posted by Lyn on 7/31/2015 in Food & Drink

A dream come true! I was about to walk into the home kitchen of a 2-starred Michelin chef to spend the afternoon being his sous chef. Nervous, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

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The American City Kitchen Disaster

Posted by Lyn on 7/29/2015 in Design

Gen X-ers, Millennials, Boomers: everyone seems to be moving back into the city. Cities are great for living but kitchens in those apartments suck.

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